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    Empowering The Nation - To Empower Themselves!!!



    With our Section 18A status as a Public Benefit Organisation, we are able to provide a tax-deductible receipt in recognition of your sponsorship and / or donation.


  • About Y. E. P

    Yenzokuhle - meaning “Do what’s good”

    Is of Bantu (Zulu) origin


    Yenzokuhle is created to help our beneficiaries to ….



    Y = YEARN (Yearn and desire for more)


    E = EMPOWER (Empower themselves and others)


    N = NUMBER #1 (Help them put themselves first above all others)


    Z = ZEALOUS (Be passionate, eager, devoted and committed)


    O = OPTIMISTIC (Be hopeful and confident about the future)


    K = KNOWLEDGE (Share their knowledge and life experiences)


    U = UNITY (Help unite the nation)


    H = HUMANITARIAN (Be concerned and seek to promote human welfare)


    L = LUSTROUS (Let their light shine)


    E = EXCITEMENT (Be excited about the future)



    Y.E.U (Yenzokuhle Empowering & Uniting the Nation)







    Our Lift A Buddy Programmes & Projects


    Every child has the right to be happy. Our vision is to not only help orphans celebrate their Christmas holidays and birthdays but we hope to also alleviate inner self critic, inspire them to dream and teach them about self - appreciation


    (Alive With Possibilities -AFTER Prison Programme)


    Our vision is to help former convicts face the man in the mirror, because that’s the biggest challenge is and that’s where change begins. We hope to empower, motivate and encourage them to be their best self.





    Our Mission is to restore a little bit of hope in the lives of our beneficiaries, make them realize that they too matter and that they are not forgotten.


    The aim is not to start something, but to end it….(ending the cycle of negative inner critic!)


    * Because we are ALL destined for greatness.





  • Our Empowerment Programmes & Projects!


    We seek to Promote, Improve and Empower the Nation!!!





    "What people fail to realize is that, we orphans carry all of our burdens that life has handed to us from the moment we become orphans at whatever age. Everything we know and used to know about ourselves is gone, we are faced with a painful, empty, meaningless and frightening life. We are faced with having to find the spirit within to make sense of our lives, find courage to give ourselves direction. It is very depressing and it hurts to feel like you're alone and that the world doesn’t care." - Anonymous


    Y.E.P aims to bring joy into these little lives, and create an everlasting memory even if it's just for a day. . For one child to not know the love of a family, is a great injustice.





    Oftentimes when there is an issue, the general population tend to focus on the issue itself and not on what created the issue. "Nobody is born perfect, the world paints every incarcerated person with the same brush, forgetting that some if not many of us are wrongfully convicted. Just like you, we too need a 2nd chance, others may need 3rd, 4th and 5th chances. All we ask for, is someone to believe in us and see us for who we truly are" - Anonymous


    We all need a little bit of hope in our lives - and so do orphans and inmates. Y.E.P strives to do things differently, our intention is to not only show hope but give hope to the hopeless.


    Orphanage Christmas (Project)!


    This is a yearly program which is designed to help orphans and underprivileged children celebrate their Christmas and make them realize that they too matter and have not been forgotten. Orphans are assessed for their christmas gift wishes, then the organization fulfils them on Christmas day. Bonds are often re-strengthened during personal gathering and occasions. We turn those boring Christmas lunches into something not only exciting and fun but educational, therapeutic and empowering.



    Orphanage Birthday (Project)!


    Based on extensive research, it was found that most if not all orphanages across South Africa celebrate the orphan’s birthdays in the simplest most common way of just buying a birthday cake due to financial constraints.


    This special project aims to not only teach orphans about self-appreciation but also aims to make them feel valued, appreciated and loved by helping them celebrate their special day by taking them out to the movies, spa, bowling, ice skating, meeting and greeting people they look up to etc and most of all, making it memorable.


    The biggest challenge is the man in the mirror


    The Alive With Possibilities prison program allows the ability to recognize inmates as individuals separate from their environment and other inmates. It makes them be able to make changes in the thoughts and interpretations they make in their mind. Changing the interpretations in their mind allows them to change their emotions.


    Being self-aware is the first step in creating what they want and mastering their lives. Where one focuses their attention, emotions, re-actions, personality and behavior often influences and or determines where they end up in life. Not only does the AWP program allow inmates to see where their thoughts and emotions are taking them, it also allows them to take control of their lives so they can make the necessary changes they need and want in their lives.



    What matters most is not the work you do or how you live your life, but how you impact the lives of others. Help us make orphans' and underprivileged children's christmas & birthdays memorable by buying and sending them a gift reminding them that they too are special.. For more info regarding this program please connect with us, or simply make a donation to our paypal account https://paypal.me/YenzokuhlEmpowerment?locale.x=en_US to support (international) or https://www.payfast.co.za/donate/go/orphanagebirthdayandchristmasprogrammes (South Africa)

    Let's Do Good Together!!!

    Remember..... the smallest gift can make the biggest difference  





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    * Christmas & Birthday celebrate orphans and underprivileged children


    *Alive WIth Possibilities (Self-improvement rehabilitation prison program)


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